• nrtnz_hotel.jpg
    Hotel Nikko Narita
  • tyogz_hotel.jpg
    Ginza Nikko Hotel
  • kawz_hotel.jpg
    Kawasaki Nikko Hotel
  • kijz_hotel.jpg
    Hotel Nikko Niigata
  • qkwz_hotel.jpg
    Hotel Nikko Kanazawa
  • osasz_hotel.jpg
    Hotel Nikko Osaka
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    Hotel Nikko Himeji
  • fukhz_hotel.jpg
    Hotel Nikko Fukuoka
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    Hotel JAL City Aomori
  • tyoyj_hotel.jpg
    Hotel JAL City Yotsuya Tokyo
  • tyotj_hotel.jpg
    Hotel JAL City Tamachi Tokyo
  • hndj_hotel.jpg
    Hotel JAL City Haneda Tokyo
  • yokj_hotel.jpg
    Hotel JAL City Kannai Yokohama
  • bjsjz_hotel.jpg
    Jinglun Hotel
  • dlcz_hotel.jpg
    Hotel Nikko Dalian
  • wuxz_hotel.jpg
    Hotel Nikko Wuxi
  • tpez_hotel.jpg
    Hotel Royal Taipei
  • hanz_hotel.jpg
    Hotel Nikko Hanoi
  • sfo_hotel.jpg
    Hotel Nikko San Francisco

• Campaign Period : check-in from July 1, 2013 to September 30, 2013

• Participating Hotels and Number of Miles    (Double Miles per stay  ♦♦Double Miles per stay with min.2 nights)

Reservation Centers

Book by calling our reservation centers.

Notes to earn PhoenixMiles

[Eligible Rate]

  • Miles are valid on AIRLINE FFP RATEs, but other eligible rates may apply and vary by hotel. Please contact hotel directly for details.
  • PhoenixMiles will be credited only when hotel room charges are paid directly to the hotel.
  • Group rates are not eligible for earning PhoenixMiles.
  • Some discounted rate may not be eligible at certain hotels. For details, please check with individual hotel.

[How to Earn PhoenixMiles for Your Hotel Stay]

  • Please present your PhoenixMiles membership card and mention that you would like to earn PhoenixMiles upon check-in.
  • Please make sure you receive a hotel receipt made out in your name.
  • PhoenixMiles earned from hotel stays will be reflected in your account 4 to 6 weeks.
  • Until your PhoenixMiles have credited your account, please retain hotel receipt issued in your name.


  • Even if you mentioned your PhoenixMiles membership number when reserved, you must advise the hotel when you check-in that you would like to earn PhoenixMiles. Failure to do so, will result in PhoenixMiles not posting to your account.
  • A stay at the same hotel for more than one night is considered as “one stay”. If you check out and check in again at the same hotel within 24 hour period, it will be considered as one stay.
  • If two or more members share a room, only PhoenixMiles member whose name appears on the hotel receipt will earn PhoenixMiles.
  • Reserving multiple rooms in the same PhoenixMiles member’s name will result in the earning of PhoenixMiles for one stay.