Management Team


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Management Team

Mr. Shigeaki Goshima Representative Director of the Board, Chairman
Mr. Marcel P. van Aelst Representative Director of the board, President Career
 Mr.Masao Taguchi Director of the Board, Managing Executive Officer, Sales & Marketing
Mr. Shinichi Kobayashi Director of the Board, Managing Executive Officer, Chief Officer, Operations
& Technical Planning Officer, Operations
Mr. Seiichi Takenaka Director of the Board,Corporate Executive Officer, Operation management  Officer, Operations & Internal Auditors Office
Mr. Toshihiro Ogita Director of the Board
Mr. Kenji Uda Director Of the Board
Mr. Tadayasu Tsukada Senior Corporate Executive Officer, Japan Region Officer, Operations
Mr. Takashi Kondo Senior Corporate Executive Officer, Operational Planning Officer, Operations
Mr.Jan W Marshall Senior Corporate Executive Officer, General Manager, Hotel Nikko Osaka
Mr. Dai Takahashi Corporate Exective Officer, Dupty Officer, Sales & Marketing
Mr. Satoshi Furusawa Corporate Executive Officer, Administration
Mr. Yuji Shimada Corporate Executive Officer, Deputy Officer, Administration
Mr. Yukihisa Takigawa Corporate Executive Officer, Overseas Officer, Operations
Mr. Toshimitsu Orito Corporate Auditor
Mr. Tadashi Fujita Corporate Auditor

Marcel P. van Aelst, Representative Director and President

ceo.jpg 1970  Hotel Okura Tokyo - Executive Management Trainee

1971  Hotel Okura Amsterdam - Deputy Sales Manager

1974  Frankfurt Inter-Continental - Director Sales and Marketing

1976  Inter-Continental Hotels Germany - Director Sales and Marketing Germany

1979  Vienna Inter-Continental - Resident Manager

1982  D’Angleterre Inter-Continental Copenhagen - General Manager

1983  The Mark Hopkins Inter-Continental San Francisco - General Manager

1989  ITT Sheraton Boston World Headquarters - Senior General Manager and Special Assistant to President and CEO

1989  Sheraton Centre Toronto - Area Vice President Sheraton Canada and Managing Director Sheraton Centre Toronto

1993  Hotel Okura Amsterdam - Vice-President and General Manager

2000  Hotel Okura Amsterdam - President and General Manager (Present)

2002  Hotel Okura Co. Ltd. - Corporate Executive Officer

2005  Hotel Okura Co. Ltd. - Executive Board Director

2008  Hotel Okura Co. Ltd. - Executive Director, Managing Corporate Executive Officer

2010  JAL Hotels Co., Ltd. - Representative Director and President (-Present)

2012  Hotel Okura Co. Ltd. - Representative Director, Senior Managing Corporate Executive Officer

2013  Hotel Okura Amsterdam President - (-Present)

2013  Hotel Okura Co. Ltd. - Vice chairman (-Present)


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