Hotel Royal-Nikko Taipei

PointOne Harmony Point Redemption Campaign: Nougat Candy~A Bite of World's Finest Ingredients

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◎Redemption Item:
Hotel Original Milk Flavor Macadamia Nut Nougat Candy (28 pieces)

◎Redemption Points:1000 points

Hotel Royal Taipei's signature Nougat Candy was the winner of Taipei Souvenir Contest. The sweet savory arises from sublime fusion of first-rate ingredients around the globe: Maldon sea salt from England, exclusive Échiré butter from France, premium macadamia nuts from Australia, as well as traditionally made maltose sugar from Taiwan and trehalose sugar imported from Japan.

1.Points will be deducted upon arrival.
2.Deducted points are non-refundable.
3.Please place your request upon check-in.