Hotel Royal-Nikko Taipei

PointMini Bar Set: Turn Your Room Into a Bar and Luxuriate!

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◎Redemption Item: Mini Bar Set

◎Redemption Points: 1500 points

Too exhausted to head to the bar to kick back for the day? Worry not. Turn your room into a bar with the hotel’s mini bar set comprised of beers, soft drinks, and light snacks. The items include: 2 cans of Taiwan Beer, 1 can of Kirin Beer, 1 can of Asahi Beer, 1 can of Tree Top Apple Juice, 1 can of Coca Cola, 2 cans of Pocari Sweat, 2 bottles of Volvic Mineral Water, and 2 packs of Mixed Nuts.

1. Points will be deducted upon arrival.
2. Deducted points are non-refundable.
3. Please place your request upon check-in.